Aug 14, 1999Sailing on the River Thurne

Sailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads

Sailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads

This could be August 1999. It could 2000, or later…

A couple of times I have been asked why I’m wearing a pfd and not the boys. The answers are simple. If I go over the side they’ll have a lot of trouble maneuvering the boat back to get me — especially while sailing. Whereas I can turn the boat on a sixpence and pick them up. Also, I would be able to get them back into the boat, but they’d probably not be able to get me back in the boat. They are both strong swimmers, the broads are shallow. Finally, I’m the one on deck dealing with sails, ropes and such, while they steer. So, on balance, the person most at risk is me — so I get to wear a jacket.

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