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All my pictures. Just for fun images, family events, commissioned, stock photography, voluntary work – the lot.

My watch strap is loose

I say it is because I’ve lost weight. My wonderful wife says I’m retaining less water. I prefer my version.


That’s another couple of projects completed – a photobook of my grandson, and another of my sister’s wedding. They are both still wrapped in cellophane (hence the strange highlights and spots), and they will remain that way until I hand… Continue Reading →

The Ridge Wallet and Journal

The Ridge Wallet, holding nine cards, with eight bills in the billfold and my work / personal journal. This is hopefully the final step in honing down my everyday carry. When I first made my work / personal journal I… Continue Reading →

The Ridge Wallet – My minimalist wallet for everyday use

With a footprint the size of a credit card you really cannot get a wallet much smaller than this without getting rid of the things you carry. It has a built in RFID block so that cards inside the wallet… Continue Reading →

Blue – E 13th. Kansas City

Walking back to the office from the Power & Light Stage I couldn’t stop myself taking this picture. Kansas City Power & Light District. E 13th.

Liberty: In God We Trust

When I emptied my pockets last night this is what I found. The shell casings get thrown everywhere – including into pockets it seems. This picture was supposed to represent a fun afternoon at the range. However, it also struck… Continue Reading →

Range Time

Notice how you cannot see a target in this picture? There is a good reason for that. Low and left. My groupings are still good, pretty much all the shots fit under my hand, but hitting the bullseye. No. Today… Continue Reading →

My View From the Hammock

We did some yard work this morning. Afterwards I indulged in a few minutes in the hammock. It was a glorious 77°F today and is set to be over 83°F tomorrow. I need to enjoy it while I can.

Is the Art in the Photograph or the Processing?

TLDR: Both. Often when I take a picture what I see and what the camera ‘sees’ are two very different things. And then again, often because of time constraints, I have to take the picture then and there. There is… Continue Reading →

Open Carry and Concealed Carry Holsters

Open Carry – Hiking & Backpacking Holster When did I get so tubby? Oh boy. I’ve had this holster for over a year, and the concealed carry one for around five months. Gun forums can be full of a lot… Continue Reading →

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