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UK 2014

We spent a month in the UK between June 5th and July 2nd 2014.

Can you see what I did there?

In June 2014 we visited Eastney Beam Engine House, and I was surprised to find the Gas Engine House Open. I’ve not been in there in thirty years. I knew I had an old picture of my dad taken in… Continue Reading →

Lanie goes Crabbing

Vacation Days 27 & 28 – Our last couple of days in the UK and Lanie catches a crab. To finish off our vacation we went back to the dockyard to take in some of the things we didn’t see… Continue Reading →

Family Curry Night

Vacation Day 26 – Family Curry, winding down and getting ready to head back home One final curry before we pack our bags and head back to Missouri in a couple of days time. It was great that our honorary… Continue Reading →

Krispy Kreme

Vacation day 26 – We travel 5,000 miles to find Krispy Kreme donuts at Gunwharf The world is certainly shrinking – but in my opinion there are other donuts that I’d prefer to find in the UK. I remember being… Continue Reading →

Some Crafting and a Barbeque

Vacation Day 25 – I think the correct order was a Barbecue then some crafting We’ve already met Bob and Ann, Roy and Jan are also life-long friends. Here’s a picture of us all way back in the early ninties…. Continue Reading →

Eastney Gas Engine House

Vacation day 25 – Eastney Gas Engine House and a reminder of the past I’ve not been in here since my dad volunteered to help maintain these engines – so before 1980. They’ve been closed up for years and I… Continue Reading →

Eastney Beam Engine House, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 25 – Visit to Eastney Beam Engine House I’ve no idea how many times I’ve visited this place over the years. It was a regular favorite to bring the boys to when they were younger, and my dad… Continue Reading →

Lanie at the Eastney Lifeboat Station

Vacation Day 25 – Waiting for the Beam Engine House to Open We had a lot to cram in today. Move digs from our friend Liv’s to my sister’s house, go to church, visit the Eastney Beam Engine House and… Continue Reading →

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Vacation Day 24 – Our final stop for the day From Bosham we went to Fishbourne Roman Palace – which was very interesting. I thought Lanie would find it boring but she was fascinated to see things she’d previously read… Continue Reading →

Holy Trinity Church, Bosham

Vacation Day 24 – Visit to Bosham Holy Trinity Church was well worth a visit. It has a wooden shingle roof, which is quite unusual in the UK. You can read all about the church here. Our friend, the photographically… Continue Reading →

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