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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Self Portrait

Pictures of me, taken by myself. I tend to go with the official (365 Days) definition of a self portrait: “A self portrait is a photo of yourself taken by you – it is not a photo of you taken by someone else and it is not a photo of something you hold near and dear to your heart.” … “The main thing is that you are both the photographer and the subject. Any photo which you took that contains any part of your body counts.” … “shots of your shadow, impressions left in sand or snow, and reflections on surfaces such as a faucet or even a mirror are acceptable forms of self portraits.” Note. Some posts will be tagged as self-portraits because just one of the images is a selfie.

How did we get here, and where are we headed?

In 2010 we went from car camping to hiking and backpacking in six months. I reflect on what instigated that change, and how we are going to keep on getting out. [8 pictures]

Late Night Self Portrait

I’ve not taken a self portrait in a while – so it is time to redress that situation.

Fly Fishing Lessons

An afternoon being taught fly fishing on Lake Taneycomo. After several hours of practice – do I look like a fly fisherman yet? [6 Pictures]

Finished for the weekend

It’s been a busy two months, and that’s (hopefully) the last of my big events finished until November. In April I was in the UK for my son’s wedding The diocese hosted the Presiding Bishop in May: Awakening the Spirit… Continue Reading →

Feet Up and Taking a Break

We’ve been a tad busy of late, so I took a day off and just sat in the back yard.

Calm Center (Three)

Thirty-four years ago I sat here trying to imprint this place in my memory so that I could carry it around with me, and use it as a ‘calm centre’ for my mind in the years to come. That was… Continue Reading →

We’re On Our Way to England

My sister is getting married, so we’re on our way to England, and we’ll be staying a month. It’s going to be busy as Ginger has a lot of work lined up. We’ll be traveling a lot, and I plan… Continue Reading →

Building Bookcases

Building an eight foot long, recessed bookcase for the hall. [Four Pictures]

The start of the evening

The evenings are starting to get cool and temporarily at least, the mosquitoes have gone away. Time to light up the chiminea and enjoy some time in the backyard. I thought the beer was appropriate to the advancing season. Saved… Continue Reading →

Washer Repairs (Part I)

Thursday night the washer started smoking. Obviously that’s not a habit to be encouraged, so I took a quick look and determined that the transmission support bearing had broken up. Today I stripped the washer down, removed the transmission and… Continue Reading →

Ironed Out

Original caption: “Best part of three weeks away and I’m overrun by ironing.” When I took the original version of this picture I had just returned to the UK from my first visit to see Ginger in the US. The… Continue Reading →

Making the bed

When Ginger said “Make the bed.” I’m pretty sure this is what she had in mind The six of us have been sleeping in a small ‘queen sized’ bed for the past five years. Six – that’s Ginger, myself and… Continue Reading →

That moment when … Ginger announces that a picture of me is trending in the news

Link to the CBS Local article. … Thanks Associated Press & CBS Local. Had me worried for just a moment. Turns out my picture was being used to illustrate an article about Missouri Licenses no longer being valid ID for… Continue Reading →

Quick winter hiking clothing test

With temperatures down to 18°F (-8°C) and six-seven inches of snow on the ground, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check how my hiking clothing fared. I also thought it’d be fun to check how well my huaraches and woolen toe socks held up in the conditions.

Quick Equipment Test

Pre-shoot equipment test, and I asked Ginger to be my stand-in model…

Youth Lock-out and Camp Shawio Sunday

Saturday night youth lock-out followed by a Sunday morning service and picnic at Camp Shawio.

An Afternoon Kayaking

I’ve had a long outstanding arrangement to take Jonathan out in one of our kayaks. Last week we agreed some mutually convenient times, and today we finally got out on the water.

An evening by the chiminea

We both have had long days at the computer recently, so the idea of sitting out in the back yard burning off a few of our deadfall limbs and twigs was a welcome diversion.

EFM Retreat

I’ve now finished my third year of EfM – Education for Ministry. Ministry in this context refers to service, not as many of my UK friends and family thought, ordination. Though I do have to admit I kept that snippet of information quiet when talking to my Buddhist uncle,

Rest stop – Piney Creek Wilderness

Resting on the trail out from Piney Creek Wilderness

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