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Short Hike at Busiek

We wanted a fairly quick and dry hike Ginger didn’t want a repeat of Saturday’s wet and muddy trail. We didn’t want anything too challenging either. And, we didn’t want to be out for too long. We decided to do… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Hike at Compton Hollow Conservation Area

We stopped hiking in 2013, it wasn’t deliberate. First we missed our ‘annual’ Spring Break backpacking trip, then we both got tied up with work. I abandoned my semi-retired state, and getting out just faded away. No backpacking, no hiking,… Continue Reading →

Grasses and thistles

One of my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s hike.

Balcary Bay Hike

Vacation Day 17 – A hike at Balcary Bay and the Solway Firth Coast My uncle wanted to take us on a hike. We’ve been on hikes with him before… We protested about how out of condition we were, however,… Continue Reading →

An evening visit to Caerlaverock Castle

Vacation Day 16 – Scotland, and some time with my uncle We drove around the Lake District for a while before heading to Scotland. My Uncle has moved since our last visit, so instead of having to travel all the… Continue Reading →

Watching The Weather

Vacation Day 12 – Tied up for the night We tried anchoring in a sheltered spot in Horsea Mere, but the wind was too strong for the mud anchor and we started dragging it almost immediately. I prefer to anchor… Continue Reading →

The Norfolk Broads

Vacation Day 12 – We hired a sailboat in the vain hope of getting in some sailing Having taken our leave of Keith, Andrea and Felix we decided to go sailing for a few days. When Ginger’s UK contacts found… Continue Reading →

Quick winter hiking clothing test

With temperatures down to 18°F (-8°C) and six-seven inches of snow on the ground, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check how my hiking clothing fared. I also thought it’d be fun to check how well my huaraches and woolen toe socks held up in the conditions.

Sailing – Hot Sun & No Wind

Another day’s sailing on my friend John’s sailboat – only this time instead of too much wind, we had too little.

A Late Afternoon Paddle on the James River with Lanie

Lanie had a break in her rehearsal schedule, so I thought I’d take her kayaking to get her out and about for a while.

Some chores then sailing on Stockton Lake

John asked if I fancied going sailing. He had to ask? That’s a given.

A series of heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday put paid to our first planned outing. So we re-scheduled for Friday – not an auspicious day to go sailing if you are superstitious, but fortunately I’ve only just remembered that.

Cap’n John – Sailing on Stockton Lake

I really like this series of pictures of John I took while we out sailing yesterday.

An Afternoon Kayaking

I’ve had a long outstanding arrangement to take Jonathan out in one of our kayaks. Last week we agreed some mutually convenient times, and today we finally got out on the water.

John’s Boat

Remember cap’n John? Well, he’s gone and done it now and bought himself a twenty-seven foot sailboat. I went with him to Stockton to take a look. Pretty cool she is too.

Sailing with John on Stockton Lake

My friend John recently got his ASA Basic Keelboat sailing certificate. When he said he wanted a sailing buddy to help him out on his first day sail in a keelboat without an instructor I jumped at the chance

Old Man’s beard (Spanish Moss)

Old man’s beard on the trees at the edge of the bluff

Gary Fixing his huaraches on the trail

Every so often the knot under the sole between my toes breaks off. When it does I have to stop and tie a new one.

Stock Pond and Cattails – Hercules Glades

A picture from last weekend’s backpacking trip. We were checking out a stock pond to see if it might provide drinking water. The pond was not only quite large, but also surrounded by cattails which had started to break apart and seed.

Weekend Backpacking at Hercules Glades

We spent a long weekend backpacking in Hercules Glades. The highlight being an afternoon resting and enjoying the spring sunshine on top of a 260 ft. bluff overlooking Beaver Creek.

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