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How did we get here, and where are we headed?

In 2010 we went from car camping to hiking and backpacking in six months. I reflect on what instigated that change, and how we are going to keep on getting out. [8 pictures]

Short Hike at Busiek

Gary and Lanie go hiking on the Yellow trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife area. We took a quick side trip to introduce Lanie to the old panel van [7 pictures]

Laine wouldn’t get in and pretend to drive

Lanie joined me for a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Busiek. We went off-trail a bit so she could see the old panel van. I wanted Lanie to get in and pretend to drive, but the lack of… Continue Reading →

Hike on the Busiek Orange and White Trails

A day hike on the Busiek Orange and White trails. [20 Pictures]

Day Hike at Busiek

The weather this weekend has been wonderful (especially considering it is still February). However, we’ve not had a chance to get away backpacking as we had commitments in town on Saturday. Today we went on a short hike at Busiek,… Continue Reading →

Another Short Hike on the Silver Trail at Busiek

We’re still working on getting back in condition. Today, we wanted to increase the distance and elevation climbed while not getting too wet and muddy, and not driving too far. We settled on hiking the complete Silver Trail at Busiek… Continue Reading →

Short Hike at Busiek

We wanted a fairly quick and dry hike Ginger didn’t want a repeat of Saturday’s wet and muddy trail. We didn’t want anything too challenging either. And, we didn’t want to be out for too long. We decided to do… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Hike at Compton Hollow Conservation Area

We stopped hiking in 2013, it wasn’t deliberate. First we missed our ‘annual’ Spring Break backpacking trip, then we both got tied up with work. I abandoned my semi-retired state, and getting out just faded away. No backpacking, no hiking,… Continue Reading →

Grasses and thistles

One of my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s hike.

Balcary Bay Hike

Vacation Day 17 – A hike at Balcary Bay and the Solway Firth Coast My uncle wanted to take us on a hike. We’ve been on hikes with him before… We protested about how out of condition we were, however,… Continue Reading →

An evening visit to Caerlaverock Castle

Vacation Day 16 – Scotland, and some time with my uncle We drove around the Lake District for a while before heading to Scotland. My Uncle has moved since our last visit, so instead of having to travel all the… Continue Reading →

Quick winter hiking clothing test

With temperatures down to 18°F (-8°C) and six-seven inches of snow on the ground, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check how my hiking clothing fared. I also thought it’d be fun to check how well my huaraches and woolen toe socks held up in the conditions.

Old Man’s beard (Spanish Moss)

Old man’s beard on the trees at the edge of the bluff

Gary Fixing his huaraches on the trail

Every so often the knot under the sole between my toes breaks off. When it does I have to stop and tie a new one.

Stock Pond and Cattails – Hercules Glades

A picture from last weekend’s backpacking trip. We were checking out a stock pond to see if it might provide drinking water. The pond was not only quite large, but also surrounded by cattails which had started to break apart and seed.

What does our Missouri look like?

The Visit Missouri Facebook Page asked the question; “What does your MO look like?”

Winter Hike at Busiek

This afternoon we made the effort to leave our desks behind and hike what we call the ‘Hill Loop’ of the Busiek Silver Trail – 2.58 miles and 574 ft of Elevation.

Weekend with Ginger’s Parents

Ginger’s parents have been asking us to come down and visit for ages. For some reason things always seemed to be getting in the way and our weekends haven’t been clear. Either Lanie had to be at church – or… Continue Reading →

Busiek Day Hike | Ozarks Walkabout

We hiked the Busiek Red and Yellow trials today – 5 miles and 596 ft. of elevation. We ventured off trail for a while so I could show Ginger some of the things I’d discovered when I backpacked through here in June. Red Trail Persimmon Busiek Day Hike, Ozarks Walkabout

We hiked the Busiek Red and Yellow trials today – 5 miles and 596 ft.

Hiking the Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Hiking the silver trail at Busiek. The Silver trail loops here – whichever way you go you’re going to end up climbing and descending the 300′ hill in the distance.

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