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Family Barbeque

Blended families produce large extended families. And that’s great! Today we were gathered for a barbeque for Mikki and Kyoka who arrived early this morning from Japan. There was lots of good food and company. And, lots of corn –… Continue Reading →

Lanie’s Graduation Party Poster

I put together this montage of Lanie pictures for her graduation party. I’m not sure where she’s going to keep the poster as I printed it at 36″ x 24″ and very nice it looked too (Thanks to Picture Collage… Continue Reading →

Glendale High School Theater, Senior Recognition

It was very dark unfortunately … But that’s the end of Lanie’s high school theater run. Though she still has to go to Nationals in June with speech and debate.

Glendale High School Speech and Debate Trophies and Recognition

Not quite a record year, as one tournament was cancelled due to bad weather. The team are still doing excellently nationally, and for the second year running Lanie gets to go to Nationals. Well done everybody, and of course, well… Continue Reading →

Lanie – Senior Recognition

Ginger and I visited Christ Church today to watch Lanie receive her Senior Recognition. As you can see from the pictures, we were keeping a low profile at the back of the church.

A Seaside Walk and Afternoon Tea with Keith, Andrea, and Felix

Vacation Day 5 – With work nearly out of the way (or so I thought), it was time to spend some grandfather time with Felix. [13 Pictures]


That’s another couple of projects completed – a photobook of my grandson, and another of my sister’s wedding. They are both still wrapped in cellophane (hence the strange highlights and spots), and they will remain that way until I hand… Continue Reading →

At The Bottom of Lake Missoula – Glendale High School

This was Lanie’s final high school performance in the Glendale theater. She played Pam, a college sophomore who loses her entire family in a tornado [27 pictures]

Lanie in the 1930s Dodge “Humpback” Panel Van at Busiek

Lanie joined me for a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Busiek. We went off-trail a bit so she could see the old panel van. In total we hiked four miles, nothing strenuous. But it was a warm 82°F.

Laine wouldn’t get in and pretend to drive

Lanie joined me for a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Busiek. We went off-trail a bit so she could see the old panel van. I wanted Lanie to get in and pretend to drive, but the lack of… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving 2016 – Family Picture

No remote shutter release this year, which meant I had to do the 10-second timer dash and hope the picture was okay. I’ve since bought a wireless shutter release which is much better than the infrared one I used with… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving 2016 – Ginger, Alek, Katie & Lanie

Ginger asked me to take a picture of her and the kids, so here’s my wonderful wife with Alek, Katie, and Lanie.

Thanksgiving 2016 – Leaf Fort

Matt raked up the leaves and the kids decided to make a leaf fort from the pile.

Big Fish – The Black & White Selection

I love black and White photography. It’s my prefered medium for portraits. But most people expect color pictures so now-a-days I tend to go with color and make the B&W copies for myself. Color is especially expected with the theater [15 pictures]

Big Fish – Saturday Matinee Performance

Another great performance, and this time we were joined by Ginger’s parents, and Susan, Dennis, Matt, and Betsy. This was the first time the Fuji has malfunctioned. Partly user error, partly something I’ve not got to the bottom of. My… Continue Reading →

Big Fish – Thursday November 17

Lanie had an ensemble role in this year’s school musical – Big Fish. She had seven costumes and 14 costume changes, including appearing three times as a mermaid. I admit I’ve not tried to spot/count all the costumes and their… Continue Reading →

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception [31 Pictures]

Mike & Diffi’s Wedding – The Wedding

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding [12 Pictures]

Mike & Diffi’s Wedding – The Rehearsal

Mike and Diffi’s wedding rehearsal. [12 Pictures]

Glendale Speech and Debate Team Banquet

Tonight we went with Lanie to collect her speech and debate trophies Apparently it has been a record year – the tables were certainly full to overflowing with all the trophies the team has won. The team is now 13th… Continue Reading →

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