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We have lots of Cats. Originally four, but now alas, only three. You’ll find all of them here.

Too Many Cat Pictures

The trouble is the cats are a constant source of amusement – so you cannot ignore them, or their strange foibles (and furballs). Rather than make a load of separate posts here are some recent cat pictures. Tubby is pretty… Continue Reading →

Sleepy Tubby Dreaming of Birds

Ginger lent Tubby her phone and Tubby wore himself out trying to watch bird videos. It’s tough being a half blind, half deaf cat.

Tubby Takes It Easy

With single digit temps outside Tubby is quite content to snooze away the afternoon in the warm.

Sweet Dreams Getzger

Later in the day on Sunday Getzger became very quiet. Monday he went on one of his favorite car rides, to visit the vet. The news wasn’t good. Acute renal failure, Getzger was now on ‘final approach’. We brought him… Continue Reading →

Getzger waiting for shower time

Mr. Cat has been giving a very good impression of settling onto the ‘final glide-path’ this past couple of days. It was good to see him show an interest in joining me for a shower. This is part of our… Continue Reading →

Tonight Getzger invited a friend to watch dinner

Cat Nap

Sprinky sleeping on the arm of the sofa in Ginger’s office.

Getzger Cat on the Kitchen Counter

The cats all know that they are not allowed on the kitchen table while we are eating. Mostly they are pretty good about it. Mr. Cat likes to sit here and keep an eye on what’s going on, and be… Continue Reading →

Tubby Back-lit

Tubby (a.k.a. Rotters) was sitting on the end of the bed and I rather liked the back lighting. I thought I’d try a grab a picture. Look carefully and you can see his strange eyes. The poor cat is blind… Continue Reading →

It’s a Sprink in a Box

No box is too small for our Maine Coon, Supa-dink aka Sprinkles.

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