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Black and White

Lanie in the 1930s Dodge “Humpback” Panel Van at Busiek

Lanie joined me for a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Busiek. We went off-trail a bit so she could see the old panel van. In total we hiked four miles, nothing strenuous. But it was a warm 82°F.

Smoke, No Mirrors – Reprise, Black and White

One of the very first photographs I took when I bought my first digital camera. I’ve always liked this image, when I decided to re-visit the picture I also produced this black and white version. Fawley Oil Refinery, Southampton Water,… Continue Reading →

How many old cameras do I need?

This is not a serious attempt at a picture, I was just pointing my camera at things in my office late one night. One of the cameras, a No. 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. is nearly 100 years old – which… Continue Reading →


Black and White picture, with some of the leafy clutter removed. The roots of our two backyard trees occasionally break the surface. When they grow too high the mower trims off the top, producing these interesting patterns as they try… Continue Reading →

Big Fish – The Black & White Selection

I love black and White photography. It’s my prefered medium for portraits. But most people expect color pictures so now-a-days I tend to go with color and make the B&W copies for myself. Color is especially expected with the theater [15 pictures]


Sometimes the picture you end up with isn’t the picture you thought you were taking.

Fr. Jonathan Frazier, Rector, St. Peter & All Saints, Kansas City, Missouri

This was a picture I took partly for work, and partly for myself. I needed a picture of Jonathan to accompany an article, and I also wanted to get a good picture of my EFM Mentor, friend, and the priest… Continue Reading →


Clever painting and carpet coordination. The areas outside the rooms were painted black and the carpet was also black, creating these visual stripes and making the corridor look like it went on forever. You might expect to see two young… Continue Reading →


Detail of the structure of Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon.

Motor Vessel Ken Mei

Seen through the structure of Steel Bridge, the motor vessel Ken Mei on the Willamette River, loading grain in Portland Oregon.

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