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How did we get here, and where are we headed?

In 2010 we went from car camping to hiking and backpacking in six months. I reflect on what instigated that change, and how we are going to keep on getting out. [8 pictures]

2017 Total Solar Eclipse Backpacking Trip

Our plans for viewing the eclipse were to go backpacking and watch the eclipse from the Mark Twain National Forest [17 pictures]

Branch of Brushy Creek off of the Pees Hollow Trail, Hercules Glades

This creek was mainly dry, but near where we camped there was some water, Ginger filtered enough water from here to keep us going for the hike out. I didn’t notice the reflections when I was taking the picture –… Continue Reading →

Camped for the Night at the Hercules Glades Wilderness

It maybe three years since we last went out with our tent, but we reckon we still know where it will fit. And we were right, the tent did fit – just. We did have a bit of a problem… Continue Reading →

Gary on the Pees Hollow Trail

This truck cab is a bit of a landmark on the trail – it’s just to the south of a spring – so there is water nearby. There is also a fire ring close by.

Start of our Hercules Glades, Pees Hollow Backpacking Trip

We had a little navigational problem getting started. The beginning of the western half of the Pees Hollow trail isn’t marked, and the trail isn’t much used. With all the fallen leaves we went past the start of the trail… Continue Reading →

Old Man’s beard (Spanish Moss)

Old man’s beard on the trees at the edge of the bluff

Gary Fixing his huaraches on the trail

Every so often the knot under the sole between my toes breaks off. When it does I have to stop and tie a new one.

Campfire & Platy

Ginger spotted this picture which worked very well. We probably should’ve put more water in the Platy.

Stock Pond and Cattails – Hercules Glades

A picture from last weekend’s backpacking trip. We were checking out a stock pond to see if it might provide drinking water. The pond was not only quite large, but also surrounded by cattails which had started to break apart and seed.

Just back from three day’s backpacking

I’ll be writing more in a few days. For now, we camped at the top of this 260ft. bluff last night. It took a bit of bush-whacking to get there but it was worth it. | Read about our trip

Black Eyed Susan, Ginger and Lanie

Morning coffee and hot chocolate by Long Creek

Morning Coffee at Long Creek Falls, Hercules Glades Wilderness

A wonderful and peaceful way to to start the day.

Pool below Long Creek Falls

Gary and Lanie tending the campfire

Stock Pond by the Devil’s Den West Trail

Backpacking in Hercules Glades Wilderness

Taking advantage of a long weekend, we took Lanie with us on a three day backpacking trip to Hercules Glades. Our plan was to map some of the western trails with the GPS, try to find the Spring we think Rock Spring Trail is named after, and show Lanie the falls.

Rest stop – Piney Creek Wilderness

Resting on the trail out from Piney Creek Wilderness

Record temperatures meant a wallow in Piney Creek was necessary

It was hot and record temperatures were predicted. So, after filtering enough water to last us our hike back to the trailhead I decided that I’d lie in the creek a while and get soaked before we started climbing the 600+ feet out of the wilderness.

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