Clone photograph of Gary Allman. September 2007.

There seems to be a lot of Gary’s around now (Original photograph September 5, 2007)

“Beware of Cheap Imitations”

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Charles Caleb Colton. I prefer Oscar Wilde’s extended take on the quote: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

However, when imitation becomes impersonation or the exploitation of others via romance scams, things start to become tedious.

The irony of this situation isn’t lost on us, given that I met Ginger on the Internet, and that at one point her bank account was frozen by her bank because they thought I was a scammer.

The Internet is a wonderful resource, but it is also frequented by criminals looking for any opportunity to take advantage of people. One example is stealing photographs online. They then use the pictures in fake social media and dating site accounts for the purpose of scamming people. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to stop the low-life from getting hold of your online pictures except never appearing on the Internet.

They use my (and others) photographs to populate phony social media accounts. They claim to be divorced or widowed and are looking for friendship and love. What they are really looking for is a way to try to separate vulnerable women from their money.

Have you been scammed? I’ve provided what I hope are some helpful links for victims of this scam here, including links to the FBI online form for reporting the crimes (yes, the FBI has an online form for this! I was surprised too). Don’t trust my links? Try Googling “Nigeria Oil Rig Scams“.

I have always been aware of the possibility of identity theft online, and one way to counter it is not to hide, but be right out there, so that there can be no mistaking who the real you is. Which is unfortunate for the criminals who are currently using my pictures on social media and online dating sites for their vile schemes. As soon as their targets get suspicious an Internet search brings up links to my websites where they quickly realize that they are being duped. Well, most of them do. Unfortunately some victims persist in thinking that I’m the one who has been scamming them, and insist on hounding me. Oh well.

Ginger says my pictures are being used because I have a friendly face (who am I to argue?). Also there are lots of pictures of me doing all sorts of fun things, very useful for the made-up scenarios they weave into their nefarious schemes. Me on planes, injuries, accidents, me with Lanie – scammers love those, because then they can claim to have a dependant too. There are even some pictures of me that could be construed as mildly provocative! Ha! Well I can’t see that last one, but I’ll roll with it.

Why should I give in to these criminals and their psychological bullying?

The irony of this situation isn’t lost on us, given that I met Ginger on the Internet, and that at one point her bank account was frozen by her bank because they thought I was a scammer. You may ask why don’t I take all the pictures down and make everything private? Well, the pictures are out in the wild anyway, so there’s no point closing the stable door now the horse has bolted. Plus, I want to share the pictures I take with my family and friends around the world. I also want to have these pictures and words hang around for a while after I’m gone for my grandchildren to see, so they can find out a little bit more about who I am, and our family history. Why should I give in to these criminals and their psychological bullying? My friends, family, customers, and contacts have all been kept informed about this criminal activity, all the better to keep an eye out for new scammers so that I can deal with them.

So, here I stay.

Original Photograph “Double Trouble” 1/19/2007.

My advice to the victims is report your experiences to the authorities. I am always happy to cooperate and report the profiles of people attempting to con you to the sites they are using. If you don’t report them you are making it easier for the criminals to carry on their illicit schemes – and continue stealing money from people. From the few victims who have contacted me, I know that some of them have been defrauded of quite significant sums.

Whenever I find out about the online profiles impersonating me I contact the site owners and get the imposters removed. I cannot get them all, and the imposters now know that I am on to them, which means they are becoming more crafty and stealthy. To give you an idea of the scale of this, to date, I’ve closed down over seventy accounts on Facebook alone (and, unfortunately I’m still counting).

Some Examples

Some Scammer Facebook Profiles – All removed

More Facebook Scammers

Fabienne Duval – A Scammer’s Website using my pictures

Common Aliases Scammers use with Gary Allman’s pictures

Besides faux Gary Allmans, you may come across:

  • Robert Barkley
  • Gary Brooks
  • Rick Brooks
  • Trevor Lawrence

Popular Pictures of Gary Allman, Gary Brooks, Rick Brooks Used By Scammers

Hopefully these will help with reverse image searches, and includes a popular picture of Gary Allman, Gary Brooks, Rick Brooks, Trevor Lawrence, Robert Barkley (or whoever) with Hannah – as the criminals have been calling Lanie in my pictures.

So, if you think I’m widowed, I’m not. I don’t live in Dallas, Texas, nor Geneva, Switzerland, or anyplace else other than Springfield, Missouri. Oh, and I don’t want your money – unless we’re out together and it’s your turn to pick up the tab.

If you think this post has been too light-hearted, you might want to consider that humor is one of the few options I have in preventing the scumbags getting to me.

I think I’ve been scammed Resources

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About Romance Scams

BBC article: Scam baiter: Why I risk death threats to expose online cons

Reporting a Scammer

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Picture of Gary Allman showing his Missouri Driving License (details obscured).
The above picture of me also appeared on the CBS St. Louis website.

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