Photograph showing the Ridge Wallet Silver Aluminium Finish
With a footprint the size of a credit card you really cannot get a wallet much smaller than this without getting rid of the things you carry.

It has a built in RFID block so that cards inside the wallet cannot be read. The wallet itself comprises two plastic cheeks which includes the RFID block, and screwed on to those are the faceplates. Sandwiched between the faceplates and the plastic cheeks is the very strong elastic band that holds the wallet closed.

I couldn’t justify the cost of the burnt titanium finish, even though I really liked the look of it, so I went with an aluminium finish that matches my favorite Zippo lighter.

They make two options – one with a band to hold cash, and the one I opted for, which has a money clip. I’ve never used a money clip before so it will be interesting to see how I get on with it. If I hate the clip I can buy the band and install it.

It is very well made and looks very good. However, it feels heavier than I expected, although it is only 2.12oz empty: – and fully loaded (for me) with eight bills and nine cards it weighs , 4.09oz. However that is it all relative. Both my Everyday carry knife and lighter each weigh more than that. And at least you know you have it in your pocket.

Accessing the cards takes practice, but is quite easy. There are lots of videos on YouTube, showing how to use it. The only downside is the cost, which is about right for a fully-fledged leather wallet, but seems a little expensive for what you get. However, it works, looks like it is going to last for many years, and looks good too, so I was prepared to pay the price.

The Ridge Wallet

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