A Faux Dori, leather Journal or Bullet Journal cover

Finished journal cover and some of the tools used

My original idea of keeping my wallet insert in with my journal works fine. And my full Bujo with the wallet will fit into my pants pocket. However, it weighs around 1 lb, and is bulky, which is a pain when you are just popping out to the store, going hiking or backpacking. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a second leather journal cover just for my personal journal (not Bujo) and a smaller wallet insert. The idea being I’ll use this for running around. For the moment I’ve moved my full wallet insert over into the new cover, and we’ll see how it goes.

It took me a couple of hours to make, and whether you make your own or buy a cover depends on how much you value your time vs the creative satisfaction obtained from making it. I’m all for saving money, I enjoyed making it, and I needed another excuse to procrastinate.

leather, craft knife and rule - the essentials for making a new leather bullet journal cover

Apica CD10 Notebook and the makings of a new journal/wallet cover

How to thread an elastic cord through leather

Tip on threading pesky cords

I have no idea who gave me this tip. Probably Ginger from her sewing experience. Whoever it was, I do know that this tip works. In this case I’m using a loop of fishing line to pull the 1mm elastic cord through.

I used 1mm cord for the closure, as well as for holding the notebook(s) in place. I’d prefer to use a 3mm closure cord, but apparently (after much searching), I don’t have any at the moment. Once I get some, I’ll slightly enlarge the hole in the spine and swap the cord.

Dimensions: Leather Journal / BuJo Compact size (A6 notebooks, ½ Inch Spine)

Overall cover dimensions: 9 ¾” x 6 ¼”. I used a Quarter as the template to cut the corners. Size guide. 4 ½” for the front and back covers, ½” for the spine and ¼” for the folds. The holes for the 1mm elastic cord holding notebooks in are positioned ¼” from the top and bottom edge.

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