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Month: June 2017

Cellphone Stand

A nice, simple project. I made three cellphone stands, one for Ginger, one for my nightstand and one for my desk. It took a couple of prototypes to get the depth just right so that the fingerprint sensor can still… Continue Reading →

Procrastinating In The Workshop

There are lots of other things I could be doing, like yard work. Instead I’ve chosen to make three cellphone stands and a couple of bench rollers. It’s amazing the number of tools needed and the amount of mess created… Continue Reading →

Paper Napkins

Earlier today the light on the kitchen table caught my eye, and I wanted to take a picture but was too busy. Fortunately the sky has been heavily overcast all day, when I stopped for lunch it was still looking… Continue Reading →

Function vs Form (II)

Function vs Form – Knives. When I first wrote a few thoughts about Function vs Form I used my lighters as an example. This time I’ve been pondering over the knives I’ve been using for the past 30-odd years. I… Continue Reading →

Armadillo Belt Buckle

During our Fathers’ Day weekend visit to Jim and Carol’s, Jim asked me if I wanted a belt with an armadillo Buckle. well, actually I’m pretty sure he said arma-dildo but we’ll gloss over that. Much to my surprise the… Continue Reading →

Poking Around in Jim’s Workshop

A little bit of black and white workshop photography. I love visiting Jim’s workshop, there’s always some new project going on and lots of things to see. [3 pictures]

Jim’s Pickup – Color

The prints have been delivered (July 2017) and I can share the color versions of the pictures I took of Jim’s pickup. [7 Pictures]

Jim’s Pickup – Black and white

Jim’s short wheelbase, 400″ block, 1978 Chevrolet Scottsdale Pickup, just back from the shop after a new paint job. [8 pictures]

Flower Frog

I had not heard of the term ‘Flower frog’ until a few weeks ago when one was suggested by Ginger as a good way to store / hold / display fountain pens, whereas normally a flower frog holds the stems… Continue Reading →

Hibiscus – Color

And the same picture in color … When I noticed the sunlight dappling the flower I decided to take the picture, no matter how twee hibiscus flower pictures are. Thinking about it; for a better shot I should have got… Continue Reading →

Hibiscus – Black and White

When I noticed the sunlight dappling the flower I decided to take the picture, no matter how twee hibiscus flower pictures are. Thinking about it; for a better shot I should have got the sunlight in the background behind the… Continue Reading →

Fujifilm X-E2s

This was a quick picture that ended up taking a bit longer in post processing than I planned. I had to merge two images (one for the lens and one for the body) because I messed up the depth of… Continue Reading →

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm

Taken for no particular reason except I wanted to take a picture and didn’t have anything else to hand that would fit on my desk that was vaguely photogenic. If you’ve visited this page expecting to find more information on… Continue Reading →

Lighting Test – Journal and Pilot Metropolitan Pen

I’ve just built a lightbox/photography area into a closet in Ginger’s studio. We’ve also bought some new LED lights and this was a quick first test with just two of the lights operating. It looks like it is going to… Continue Reading →

Fly Fishing Lessons

An afternoon being taught fly fishing on Lake Taneycomo. After several hours of practice – do I look like a fly fisherman yet? [6 Pictures]

Function vs Form

This is one of those odd conundrums that often troubles me. When form and function meet and reinforce each other, I don’t have a problem. Examples of this are my current camera, my Swiss Navy knife, and dare I say… Continue Reading →

Leather Writing & Work Surface

For a long time now I’ve been using a piece of 16″ x 20″ black card on my desk as a rest and writing surface. It has begun to look a little the worse for wear, with water stains, cat… Continue Reading →

Finished for the weekend

It’s been a busy two months, and that’s (hopefully) the last of my big events finished until November. In April I was in the UK for my son’s wedding The diocese hosted the Presiding Bishop in May: Awakening the Spirit… Continue Reading →

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