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Month: April 2017

Lanie – Senior Recognition

Ginger and I visited Christ Church today to watch Lanie receive her Senior Recognition. As you can see from the pictures, we were keeping a low profile at the back of the church.

Calm Center (Three)

Thirty-four years ago I sat here trying to imprint this place in my memory so that I could carry it around with me, and use it as a ‘calm centre’ for my mind in the years to come. That was… Continue Reading →

Vacation Days 3-5 – Working

What no vacation pictures? Before leaving on vacation I ran out of time to complete a couple of tasks that needed to be done while I was away. The creation of the artwork for ‘Feather banners’, some 3′ x 8′… Continue Reading →

A Seaside Walk and Afternoon Tea with Keith, Andrea, and Felix

Vacation Day 5 – With work nearly out of the way (or so I thought), it was time to spend some grandfather time with Felix. [13 Pictures]

Commercial Road, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

Park and Ride Bus

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

St. John’s Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth, UK

Vacation Day 2

The Former Zurich Building, Portsmouth UK

Vacation Day 2. I’ve always liked this building, and now it is being converted into a hotel or student accommodation – I’m not sure which. It still looks good to my eye. I last took a picture of this building… Continue Reading →

Victoria Park and Playground

Vacation Day 2 – A stroll through Victoria Park. The lighting under the trees was very surreal – calming and peaceful. I failed to capture it.

Portsmouth Guildhall & Guildhall Square

Vacation Day 2 – Portsmouth Guildhall Square. After sorting out the rental we went back and worked (more on that later). Our jet-lagged brains not being at their best we decided to take a break from work and go and… Continue Reading →

Bit Of A Cock-up On The Car Rental Front

Vacation Day 2 – Sleep, rent a vehicle, and go buy some essentials for our stay. I booked our rental online. I was trying to use my reward points but something went wrong and I had to restart the booking… Continue Reading →

Southsea Beach

Vacation Day 1 – The flight out, a walk to the beach, and beer. The flight arrived early, immigration was a breeze, and our bag was one of the first on the carousel. So we had to wait for Robert… Continue Reading →

My watch strap is loose

I say it is because I’ve lost weight. My wonderful wife says I’m retaining less water. I prefer my version.

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