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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Year: 2014

Lanie (after the Christmas Eve service)

I was under orders from Ginger to take a picture of Lanie in her Christmas finery, I also had a request from the Altar Guild to make sure I got a picture of the altar with all the poinsettias…

Cram the Van – a trip to Ikea & the office Christmas dinner

Shopping at Ikea We almost bought more than we could carry. It took a little bit of juggling to get everything in the van but we managed it. Just.

Lanie & Tubby test the sofa

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it

There is a cat in a Santa suit sitting on my desk…

Which explains why Ginger and Lanie took so long on the school run this afternoon, obviously some shopping was involved somewhere along the way.

The 125th Annual Convention of the Diocese of West Missouri

This was my first annual convention as Director of Communications with the diocese. I decided to relinquish my camera to be available to help wherever I was needed. That meant I got to roll up my sleeves and help out… Continue Reading →

Guy Fawkes Night

Tonight the Guy Lanie made in 2009 finally met his fiery doom. In Springfield having a bonfire and fireworks at anytime other than July would result in a police visit, so we’ve not been able to burn our Guy. In previous years we’ve hopefully… Continue Reading →

The Addams Family – Lanie as Morticia

Tonight Lanie played Morticia I’m really proud of Lanie. She did an absolutely fantastic job. Once again it was a cracking performance all round. They’ve been working on the show a couple of hours a night, four nights a week… Continue Reading →

Cross for Darlene

Brass Cross framed in iron by Jim.

The Addams Family Musical – Third Night

Lanie’s third night, and final night as Cleopatra – one of the Addams’ ancestors. Saturday she’ll be playing Morticia.

The Addams Family Musical – Opening Night

Tonight we went to see Lanie in the Excellent ‘The Addams Family’ musical. A super performance by everyone.

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