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Year: 2011

Typical Ozarks recreational arrangements (365:365)

Today we sunbathed and went on a short exploratory hike. Yes, that’s right, sunbathed on the 31 December in the Northern hemisphere – I was impressed. Though to make up for this there was ice on the inside of our tent when we woke up.

My sunbathing was interrupted by a pack of horses crossing the creek, which confirmed my suspicion that there was a trail on the other side.

Penultimate campfire of 2011 (365:364)

We were in two minds where to go backpacking this weekend. Piney Creek Wilderness, or the similarly sounding Paddy Creek Wilderness. Piney creek has around twelve miles of ‘official’ trails, and Paddy Creek has a twenty mile loop.

Gary and Tubby (365:363)

I was taking some family portraits and I forgot to include myself, so here I am with Tubby Ginger’s parents, her brother Sam and family came visiting today. I was (albeit reluctantly) persuaded to take some family photos, and once… Continue Reading →

Winding down at the end of the day (365:362)

We seem to spend a lot of time in the office area at the moment Tonight we were researching a backpacking trip – the weather looks to be warm (for the time of year). We have family visiting tomorrow and… Continue Reading →

Making stuff (365:361)

Today I made myself useful by making stuff in the garage In fact I’m being a proper Santa’s Elf helping Ginger make Christmas presents for the girls when they arrive on Thursday. Darn I missed an opportunity to wear my… Continue Reading →

Gary and Ginger’s Christmas present (356:360)

Today we went Boxing day shopping. And we bought this nifty hand-held GPS receiver as a joint present for us both. One of the problems with GPS is buying the maps which cost more than the receivers – this unit… Continue Reading →

At the end of Christmas day (365:359)

Christmas day Despite my preference for a lie-in we were up before seven, then it was non-stop with present opening, visiting family, food, drinks and finally a couple of card games. Somehow the evening slipped away from me while we… Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve (365:358)

Here I am in my church Christmas finery Christmas has begun. The grandparents arrived this afternoon and are staying overnight to be with us on Christmas day. In the evening we all went to one of the Christmas services at… Continue Reading →

Edible display (365:357)

We arrived home from Christmas food shopping to find this very kind gift of fruit and fruit dipped in chocolate had been delivered Of course it had to be eaten straight away as we knew it wouldn’t keep 🙂 and… Continue Reading →

Back to the wall (365:356)

It’s been a while since I took a wall picture. Working late again – 2am.

Day 355 – Only ten days left (365:355)

That’s all.

Another late night (365:354)

Gone twelve and still at my desk

Cat and mouse (365:353)

Sprinky decided to fall asleep on my EfM lesson notes.

Ginger puts a smile on my face (365:352)

I checked my eyes; unfortunately you can’t see what she was doing. I can tell you that she was standing behind the camera and used a very effective technique to make me smile. If you’ve been wondering why there have… Continue Reading →

Gary eats a Tie fighter (cookie) (365:351)

And swiftly dispatches Daft Cookie-Monster in the process Actually it’s the ‘H’ from Christmas; Lanie made some Christmas cookies tonight.

Sparkles (365:350)

I promised some pictures of the sparkles (when the sun finally came out again) When we reorganised our office area Ginger put lots of glass and crystal beads in the windows. However, there was a problem, getting sparkles like this… Continue Reading →

Checking my lesson (365:349)

Ginger dropped me off early at church tonight. I used the extra time to sit in the classroom and go over my coursework.

An afternoon in bed (365:348)

I thought I was feeling better Unfortunately not.

Gary and the Christmas tree (365:347)

The erratic focusing on the camera is starting to annoy me The camera software tells me the camera focused on my chest. So why is my hand in the primary focus zone? Sigh. I can’t wait to get this project… Continue Reading →

Today’s photograph was picked by Ginger (365:346)

Ginger said this picture is me. It must be the slight smile.

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