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Year: 2009

Happy New Year

For some reason I thought New Year’s Eve was on Friday, when actually it was on Thursday, so we had no arrangements made, and what with Ginger’s cold weren’t really in a position to do anything anyway.

Ginger and Tubby

Our resident Cat lady and Tubby, one of our four cats.

Blue Kitteh

Despite being a haughty madam I have to admit that from time to time she looks wonderful, and tonight under the lamp with the Christmas tree (blue of course) behind her it was a picture asking to be taken.

Honey-do List

This week I’ve been working on my ‘Honey-do’ list and managed to cross off four items: Fitted a new front door, replaced the broken light switch in the kitchen and replaced the light fitting in Alek’s room. This afternoon saw… Continue Reading →

Iron Rooster

Another of Jim’s welded sculptures. | Jim’s Website

Luna Corona & Flag over the Brentwood Library, Springfield Missouri

Unknown to me when I took this shot, the camera’s shutter had jammed – fortunately on the left side of the frame. I had to post process the picture to remove the shutter’s shadow from the picture. I had better… Continue Reading →

South Campbell Avenue and West Walnut Street

Seen on the Springfield First Friday Art Walk.

Old Court House and Gateway Arch – St Louis Missouri

This picture has been licensed to be used on local (St Louis) websites.

The Gateway Arch, St Louis

Trying for a slightly different view than you normally get of the arch.

Beautiful Decimation

Japanese Beetle damage at Nathaniel Greene Park, Springfield We went for an evening walk in the park down on Scenic and noticed a couple of trees were looking odd. On getting closer we could see that all the leaves had… Continue Reading →

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