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Year: 2007

Near Olga, State Highway Z

I was stopped twice while taking this picture. Once by some locals in a passing truck, and a few minutes later by the property’s owner. I don’t think he was convinced that I wasn’t up to any good, and he… Continue Reading →

St. Jude’s – Menanced

I find this sculpture rather threatening, I’m fairly sure that wasn’t the artist’s or the commissioning body’s intention. Update: 05 October 2008. In a recent council magazine it was stated that the two identical sculptures (one at either end of… Continue Reading →

Building 29

Saw this while stretching my legs this afternoon, the sun was just going down, tracking up the side of the building. I’m trying to get back into the habit of climbing the stairs of this building twice a day. It’ll… Continue Reading →

Reflected Glory

I saw this from a long way off, and I had to move PDQ to get into a position to get any sort of decent shot. The people in the park that were paying any attention were looking in the… Continue Reading →

Sunset – South Parade, Southsea UK

This was one of those moments that no matter how over-done sunset pictures are, it just had to be taken.

Panoramic Sunset – South Parade, Southsea UK

A spectacular sunset and South Parade Pier, Southsea I’ve been going back looking for pictures I’ve accidentally missed. This is one of them, a fantastic panoramic view of a sunset and South Parade Pier in Southsea. I remember the evening… Continue Reading →

Apart… (365:270)

Apart… …for now.A collaborative picture with Ginger.

EEE (Yes, that is the official designation of this building…)

I was in a meeting in an adjacent building when I saw this picture. The only trouble is the light had changed by the time the meeting finished and the shadows of the trees were no longer on the building… Continue Reading →

Royal Mail Sorting Office / Post Office, Slindon Street, Portsmouth

Not very subtle architecture… But I did love the way the sky was reflected in the windows and glass.


Today I had the first meeting about the divorce with my solicitor. Here I was thinking I’d got some clarity in my life. In fact all I’ve done is stirred up all the muck and now I can’t see a… Continue Reading →

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