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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Forgery – Jim Davis

Jim is submitting this sculpture for a silent auction in aid of the Ozarks Regional Arts Council. The only requirement is that the piece has to fit inside a six-inch cube.


Sometimes the picture you end up with isn’t the picture you thought you were taking.

Tubby Back-lit

Tubby (a.k.a. Rotters) was sitting on the end of the bed and I rather liked the back lighting. I thought I’d try a grab a picture. Look carefully and you can see his strange eyes. The poor cat is blind… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Kayaking on the James River

July 21 I took Luke for an afternoon kayaking on the James River at Springfield, Missouri [12 pictures].

Evening Pleasures

An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke.

An evening with the Chiminea

Despite the heat we decided to light the chiminea. Ginger went off to bed early and I stayed out contemplating my navel, life, the universe, and everything. Fire is so addictive and soothing. I really enjoy the chiminea.

Journaling Re-boot

After a long break I started journaling again at the beginning of the year. I had been using A5 notebooks because they fitted nicely in my leather TMI binder. The problem with the TMI binder is that it is big… Continue Reading →

Driving in Traffic in the Ozarks

UK friends and family seeing this might begin to get an idea of why I don’t like driving in the UK. 100 miles of driving and this is about as busy as it gets. After all the upgrades I’ve had… Continue Reading →

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